Bayan Global
Comprehensive credit reports on international companies so that you better understand the risk of doing business with them
What is Bayan Global?
Bayan Global Credit Report enables you to know the current credit, financial and legal status of your international clients in addition to benchmarking global credit averages and indicators in the international market.
More than
200 million
Companies registered globally
Who can benefit from the International Statement report?
Saudi companies under an active trade register
Bayan Global in a minute …
Through Bayan Global you can access
Commercial Registration information
Company’s identity status and trends such as changes in the official company name, legal contact information and more
Risk Assessment
Company’s credit score and other related information
Financial Statements
Full set of financial statements including balance sheet, income statement, and cashflow statement
Management information
Information about the Company’s executives, their roles, addresses, nationalities, dates of birth and their relationship with other companies. <br> *Details of each company would vary depending upon the jurisdiction laws and regulations of each country